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Added Protection for Indoor & Outdoor Surfaces

Improve the beauty and durability of your surfaces with epoxy coatings. America Coating Systems in Phoenix, Arizona, offers special coatings for flooring. They add character and protection and can be applied to a variety of surfaces.

As with indoor surfaces, outdoor ones need to be protected as well. That's why we offer waterproofing for decks. This is important to have done in order to seal leaks and prevent new ones from occurring. Reach out to us to learn more about our epoxy coatings and waterproofing for decks.

Epoxy Coating

Normal Acid Stain Floor with Border

Coatings to Enhance & Shield Floors

Give your floor a decorative look and help protect it with an epoxy coating. This application spruces up the floor's appearance and makes it resistant to oil and other liquids that cause stains. We have several coatings to choose from. These include an epoxy coating for garages that smooths out a surface, an epoxy vinyl chip coating, which creates a unique color and is ideal for non-conductive flooring, an extreme temperature coating, and a coating for pool decks and patios.

Floor coatings offer many benefits, including protection from stains and durability. They also extend the life of a surface and are a better alternative to traditional paint, which usually chips within a year. We recommend having a coating applied to modified concrete, acid-stained concrete, and trowel-down surfaces.

Before we apply the coating to your floor, we will first prep the area. This will make the coating stick better. Then we will apply the coating to make your floor really stand out.

We apply coatings to flooring in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces, including:

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• Kitchens
• Cafeterias
• Hotels
• Food Processors
• Airport Hangars
• Warehouses
• Loading Docks
• Mechanical Rooms
• Waste & Water Treatment Centers
• Secondary Containment Systems
• Hazardous Material Containment Systems

Waterproofing to Protect Decks

Avoid leaks in your deck with waterproofing. By having your home's deck waterproofed, any holes or other openings are sealed up and the wood structure is preserved, preventing warping.

Waterproofing is great for homes and hotels with decks. When performing the service, we will first prep the deck and then seal it up, leaving it well-protected from any potential water damage.